London Suite

Written by Neil Simon
Directed for Actonians by Ann Aplin , Di Pardoe & Michelle Pawley


A comedy telling four separate stories about relationships; all taking place in the same suite of a London Hotel overlooking Hyde Park. A sedate place until the following characters check in.

  1. An inebriated Welsh writer and his agent.
  2. A widow accompanied by her daughter, who spends her last evening in London with a rich Scotsman.
  3. An Oscar winning actress and her, now divorced, bi-sexual husband who are seeing each other for the first time in years; a bitter-sweet tale.
  4. A married couple from New York who have lost their tickets to Wimbledon and are now in danger of losing their suite to Kevin Costner.


Cast 1 - Settling Accounts
Briony Sue Anstey
Billy Stewart White
Cast 2 - Going Home
Lauren Gemma Perrett
Mother Sarah Godsell
Cast 3 - Diana & Sidney
Diana Rebekah Grose
Sidney Mike Schofield
Grace Nic Harvey
Cast 4 - The Man on the Floor
Mark Nick Sharp
Annie Lin Bowden
Mrs Sitgood Sarah McMahon
Bellman Gabriel Marriage
Dr McMerlin Rachel Taylor
Director 1 Di Pardoe
Director 2 Michelle Pawley
Director 3 and 4 Ann Aplin
Stage Manager Jenny McDowell
Di Roper-Marshall
Richard Pawley
Set design and painting Maureen Blake
Set construction
Steve Anstey
Richard Stanway
June Schofield
Sound Peter Carlin
Lighting Mark Whitehouse
Gaynor Clark
Christine Rogers
Margaret Bulmer
Marion Hill
Bar Manager
Front of House Manager Gaynor Clark
Box Office Debby Ashton
Photographer Ray Bulmer
Flower Arrangements Teresa Norton