Oh Mr. Shakespeare

Written by Geoff Bamber
Directed for Junior Actonians by Sarah Godsell & Di Pardoe


The little-known story of how William Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway, not only saved the nation from invasion but also her husband's head from the axeman. This play is notionally set in the year 1594.  Any degree of historical accuracy is purely accidental.
From Lazy Bee Scripts' website.

This cleverly written play is at times reminiscent of Monty Python, Black Adder and/or Upstart Crows but is entirely original.


Will Shakespeare Dylan Thomas
Ann Hathaway Evie Todd
Peterkin Joe Taylor
Messenger Rosie Wright
Lord Chancellor Haydn Todd
Queen Elizabeth Abigail Hatherell
Lady 1 Fern Flynn
Lady 2 Mia Parsons
Soldier 1 Ollie Curtis
Soldier 2 Joseph Grubb
Sir Francis Drake Theo Foote
Sir Walter Raleigh Elliot Case
King Philip of Spain Ben Webber
Count Miguel de Alfonso Alex Thomas
Executioner Rosie Webber
Jenny Sophie Blanch
Stage Manager Sarah McMahon
Costume Sarah McMahon
Lighting and Sound
Peter Carlin
Rob Pardoe
Set Construction
Steve Anstey
Sue Anstey