Love Begins At Fifty

Written by Raymond Hopkins
Directed for Actonians by Debby Ashton


This comedy is set in the home of Anita and Clive Debanks who have been married for 28 years and the passage of the play covers a six-week period leading up to Clive's 50th birthday.

Clive endeavours to recapture his youth with a foray into a "Lonely Hearts column".

Meanwhile, his wife, Anita, enters the loveless couple into a competition for the perfect married couple, to win a Caribbean cruise, without telling her husband.

The grand finale is reached following several complications, misunderstandings and coincidences which form an integral part of this farce.


Anita Debanks Jenny McDowell
Clive Debanks Mike Schofield
Jack Reynolds Stewart White
Claire Murphy Lin Bowden
Tracy Barton Michelle Pawley
Annabel Wickson Debby Ashton
Mavis Leggett Pat Stimson
Emily Roberts Sue Anstey
Henry Clarke Nick Pearce
Assistant Stage Manager Richard Pawley
Prompt Angie Croome
Set Design
Bob Allen
Maureen Blake
Debby Ashton
Set Construction & Painting
Steve Anstey
Hamish Constable
Richard Pawley
Mark Whitehouse
Maureen Blake
Debby Ashton
Nick Sharp
Lighting Mark Whitehouse
Sound Peter Carlin
Costumes Cast
Ann Aplin
Di Roper-Marshall
Front of House
Di Pardoe
Other members
Bob Allen
Other members
Poster Design
Sue Anstey
Debby Ashton
Box Office Debby Ashton
Sue Anstey
Debby Ashton
Photographer Ray Bulmer