Written by Bettine Manktelow
Directed for Actonians by Debby Ashton


A comedy/thriller - 3 male - 4 female.

Set in a country house where prospective contestants for a TV reality show gather together. Their aim is to win a large cash prize - but only if they survive the rigours of the ultimate Spygame.

This comedy-thriller concerns a group of complete strangers who are brought together in an English country house on the promise of possible selection to appear in a new reality TV show as would-be spies with the hope of winning a large cash prize.

But something sinister is afoot. When one of their number disappears, the remaining guests fear danger may be lurking just around the corner. Why were they chosen? Why can't they leave? Why all the secrecy?

Will they get out alive?



Claire Sue Anstey
Sadie Margaret Bulmer
Daphne Pat Stimson
Marie Michelle Pawley
Lloyd Mike Schofield
Steve John Blackwood
Dan Stewart White
Stage Manager Bob Allen
Front of House
Ray Bulmer
Nick Pearse
Debby Ashton
Photography Ray Bulmer