Written by Elizabeth Gaskell
Adapted by Laura Turner
Directed for Actonians by Sarah McMahon


The adaptation I have chosen is by Laura Turner and the first performance took place in Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire, in June 2011. Spookily enough I am from Pembrokeshire, attending the girl's grammar school, where I was in Picton House and my father was a trustee of the Picton Estate! How's that for co-incidence?


Miss Matty Jean Capstick
Mary Smith Gaynor Clark
Miss Pole Jenny McDowell
Mrs Jamieson Helen Briggs
Jessie Brown Dee Mason
Mary Brown Lesley Keetley
Fanny Di Pardoe
Martha Rachel Taylor
Mrs Barker Pat Stimson
Mrs Forrester Margaret Bulmer
Milliner Christine Rogers
Captain Brown Mike Schofield
Major Gordon John Blackwood
Jem Hearn Nick Sharp
Mr Mulliner Nick Pearce
Thomas Holbrook Godfrey Laundy
Signor Brunoni Nick Sharp
Fanny's Suitor Rob Pardoe
Railway Rep Godfrey Laundy
Gentleman Ray Bulmer
Servant Ray Bulmer
Fiddle Player Guy Halley
Assistant Director Ann Aplin
Stage Manager Bob Allen
Debby Ashton
Sue Anstey
Lighting Sound
Mark Whitehouse
Set Construction
Bob Allen
Steve Anstey
Costumes Pat Stimson
Debby Ashton
Sue Anstey
Set Design
Pat Stimson
Sarah McMahon
Set Sewing
Sarah McMahon
Pat Stimson
Mary Roper
Iron Acton Craft Group
Prompt Angie Croome
Bar Co-ordinator Ann Aplin
Bar Staff
Steve & Rose Birch
Andy Fisher
Pete Lawry
Pam Lawry
Matthew Godsell
Di Roper-Marshall
Front of House Co-ordinator Sarah Godsell
Front of House Staff
Rona Wright
Barrie Wright
Photographs Ray Bulmer