Canterbury Tales

Written by Chaucer
Adapted by Phil Woods
Directed for Actonians by Sarah McMahon


Canterbury Tales made modern by Phil Woods

We recreated a medieval hall for this production, so 'pilgrims' could enjoy their vittles and entertainment before the next stage of their journey.

Five of the Tales were performed each night – "Wife of Bath's Tale"; "Nun's Priest's Tale" (Junior Actonians); "Cook's Tale"; "Pardoner's Tale"; "Reeve's Tale".

Food was served in the interval and drinks were available throughout the night, at the bar. There was a magician and juggler to entertain you before and during the night and music and singing to warm the cockles of your heart.


1. Cast
MC Rob Pardoe
Miller Nick Sharp
Magician Barry Smith
2. Pardoner’s Tale
Narrator Sarah Godsell
Tom Nick Sharp
Dick Matt Godsell
Harry Nick Pearce
Barmaid Debby Ashton
Old Lady Sue Anstey
Monk with Coffin Ray Bulmer
3. Nun's Priest's Tale (Junior Actonians)
Chanticleer Jack Philpott
Pertelote Ellie Canley
Cara Walters
Nikolai Stoykovic
Jennifer Bellis
Fox Joseph Hatherell
Gwen Grace Flynn
Daughter Harriett Bisp
4. Cook’s Tale
Cook Rob Pardoe
5. Wife of Bath's Tale
Wife of Bath Di Pardoe
King Christine Rogers
Innocent Girl Sue Anstey
Knight Dee Mason
Woman 1 Di Roper-Marshall
Woman 2 Andy Fisher
Woman 3 Pat Stimson
Queen Gaynor Clark
Hag Michelle Lucas
6. Reeve's Tale
Reeve Godfrey Laundy
John Mike Schofield
Alan Nick Pearce
Miller Nick Sharp
Molly Rachel Taylor
Mrs Simpkins Jenny McDowell
Horse Sue Anstey
7. Crew
Stage Manager Bob Allen
Musical Director Rob Pardoe
Lighting & Sound Mark Whitehouse
Costume Co-ordinator Pat Stimson
Rehearsal Prompt Angie Croome
Hall Decorations & Stage Set
Ann Aplin
Maureen Blake
Ray Bulmer
Bob Allen
Mark Whitehouse
Food Co-ordinator Bob Allen
Bar Margaret Bulmer
Front of House
Steve Birch
Ray Bulmer
Photographs Ray Bulmer