The Cemetery Club

Written by Ivan Menchell
Directed for Actonians by June Cross


This is a story of three New York Jewish ladies who go to the Cemetery once a month to visit their husbands graves. Ida is beginning to think it is time to stop going so often. Doris still insists it is the right thing to do. Lucille, the man mad one, only goes so she can tell her dead husband how she is spending his money.

They meet Sam "The Playboy Butcher of Queens" and Ida and Lucille vie for his attention. The girls have been asked to be bridesmaids for Selma's sixth wedding.

That's when things start to go wrong. First Sam brings some other woman to the wedding because he has been warned off Ida by the other two. Then they come back drunk from the reception. The drink loosens their tongues and home truths abound.

This is a very funny play with added pathos. Very well written and entertaining.


Ida Sarah McMahon
Lucille Andy Fisher
Doris Angela Croome
Mildred Gaynor Clark
Sam Alan Cross
Stage Manager Simon Carney
Light & Sound Mark Whitehouse
Set Design Bob Allen
Set Construction
Simon Carney
Bob Allen
Terry Mills
Ray Bulmer
Art Work Maureen Blake
Costumes Pat Stimson
Prompt Richard Stanway
Front of House
Steve Birch
Ray Bulmer
Godfrey Laundy
Val Laundy
Christine Rogers
Danny Rogers
Rose Birch
Ann Aplin
Photographs Ray Bulmer