Written by Stephen Bill
Directed for Actonians by Andy Fisher


This triple award-winning play is Ida's story. It is her eighty-sixth birthday - a milestone the pain-racked old lady would rather not have reached. Her family have gathered to cheerfully celebrate and patronise her with a birthday tea. Into their midst comes the prodigal daughter Susan, returning after a twenty-five year absence. She discovers that her mother is now given to only brief moments of lucidity and no longer remembers her!

This is a play that deals with euthanasia under ordinary and painful circumstances and how the family manage with pacts, rivalries, antagonism, inadequacies and English mores at their hilarious, moving and provoking worst. It engages the heart, the mind and above all the conscience.

Act 1, Scene 1: Late afternoon
Act 1, Scene 2: Evening
Act 2: Late evening
Time: The present


Ida (aged 86) June Cross
Katherine (Ida's daughter) Kay Sutton
Geoffrey (K's husband) Mike Schofield
Michael (their son) Nick Pearce
Margaret (Ida's daughter) Michelle Clare-Hudson
Douglas (M's husband) Richard Stanway
Susan (Ida's daughter) Rachel Taylor
Mrs Jackson (from next door) Pat Stimson
Stage Manager Simon Carney
Set Design Bob Allen
Lighting Mark Whitehouse
Rona Wright
Ann Aplin
Prompt Di Roper-Marshall
Danny Rogers
Christine Rogers
Set Construction
Simon Carney
Bob Allen
Lighting & Sound
Mark Whitehouse
Geoff Wilkinson
Godfrey Laundy
Val Laundy
Front of House
Steve Birch
Alan Cross
Photographs Ray Bulmer