The Playboy of the Western World

Written by John Millington Synge
Directed for Actonians by Jim Sinkinson & Di Pardoe


The Playboy of the Western World caused riots during its opening week at Dublin's Abbey Theatre in 1907.

It was said to lampoon the rural Irish as being primitive and parochial and Synge was accused of being anti catholic, anti women and promoting patricide. Arthur Griffith of Sinn Fein called it "a vile and inhuman story told in the foulest language we have ever listened to from a public platform".

The play has no moral, no grand themes but it is very funny and quite sad and beautifully written. Synge's language is rhythmical and lyrical and yet realistic and it brilliantly reveals a glimpse of humanity naked in its absurdity and flaws and heroism. 101 years on it is now regarded as one of the great masterworks of 20thC Irish literature.

The play is set on the edge of a drab village on the north west coast of county Mayo. The action all takes place in Michael Flaherty's bar run by his daughter Pegeen Mike. It tells the story of Christy Mahon, a young man on the run, claiming to have killed his father. Playboy in this sense refers to someone with the gift of the gab, a tall-story teller.

This production gained a Rosebowl nomination for 'Best Dramatic Production'

and Michelle Clare-Hudson was awarded 'Best Actress' for her portrayal of Pegeen Mike - well done that girl...!

The awards ceremony took place at Weston-Super-Mare Winter Gardens on Sunday 18th October, 2009.


Christy Mahon Simon Carney
Michael Flaherty Godfrey Laundy
Pegeen Mike Michelle Clare-Hudson
Shawn Keogh Nick Sharp
Widow Quin Sarah Atkins
Philly Cullen Matthew Godsell
Jimmy Farrell Geoff Wilkinson
Sara Tansey Rachel Taylor
Susan Brady Becky Sawicki-Gregg
Honor Blake Kay Sutton
Seamus Richard Stanway
Old Mahon Gerry Millward
Stage Managers
Rob Pardoe
Mike Schofield
Set Design Maureen Blake
Set Build
Bob Allen
Barrie Wright
Ray Bulmer
Pete Lawry
Rob Pardoe
Costumes Pat Stimson
Ann Aplin
Gaynor Clarke
Christine Rogers
Lighting and Lighting Plot Steve Birch
Sound Plot Pete Lawry
Sound Operation Mark Whitehouse
Marketing & Publicity Alan Cross
Photography Ray Bulmer
Bar Margaret Bulmer
Tickets Gaynor Clarke
Front of House
Barrie Wright
Rona Wright
Music Jill Elliott