The Bet

Written by Tchekov
Adapted by Miles Malleson
Directed for Actonians by June Cross


The Bet is about a dinner party thrown by a banker for some male acquaintances. The banker is a bombastical, egotistical man who is used to snapping his fingers and everyone running to see what he needs. The novelist has travelled the world for his stories and is interested in everything. Then there is the young lawyer who, though poor, has just bought a house that the banker wanted for his daughter.

During the course of the party a bet is made between the banker and the lawyer, that the lawyer can be locked away for ten years in solitary confinement without going mad. If he does this the banker will give him a million pounds. If he asks to come out before the deadline he must give the banker his house.

The Doctor, the last man at the party, tells them they are crazy. The bet is set and the play follows the results in a series of dinners over the ten years. The end has a sting in its tail.

Richard Stanway received the award for Best Actor at the Avon One-Act Festival. Well done Richard..!

Preview Evening at the Parish Hall - Wed 14 Feb at 8pm.

Avon One-Act Festival - Friday 23rd Feb 2007 at The Blakeney Theatre, Weston-super-Mare.

Cheltenham One-Act Festival - week of 5th to 7th March 2007.


The Lawyer Richard Stanway
The Doctor Danny Rogers
The Novelist Bob Allen
The Banker Matthew Godsell
Servant Gaynor Clark
Servant Christine Rogers
Stage Manager Alan Cross
Lighting Mark Whitehouse