Variety Evening

Directed for Actonians by Barrie Wright


Organiser - Barrie Wright Compere - Godfrey Laundy Stage Manager - Bob Allen



Act One
Iron Acton Group Howling Moon (Trio)
Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard) San Fransisco
Dave Bate
Three ha'pence a foot (Marriott Edgar - 1932 - Stanley Holloway) Steve Birch
Lovers (Adrian Mannering)
Isabel Campbell
Terry Helyar
Ministry of Poetry (Ronnie Barker) Gerry Millward
Guitar Andy Cowell
Festival Results (Leonard Colourne) Susie's the Star of the Show (Leonard Colourne)
Di Roper-Marshall
Reindeer (Leonard Colourne)
Andy Fisher
Steve Birch
Flute: Band of Brothers (Michael Kamon) My Heart will go on (from Titanic
James Horner - Celine Dion)
Christine Rogers
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End Matt Godsell
I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables - Victor Hugo 1802-1885) Fliss Bate
Act Two
Iron Acton Group
Howling Moon (Trio)
Sarah McMahon
Simon Carney
The Legend of Dan McGrew Things (Bobby Darin)
Dave Bate
Amarillo (Neil Sedaka & Tony Christie) Andy Fisher
Ceilings (Len Colbourne) Rona Wright
Gerry Millward
Barrie Wright
Hu is the Minister Richard Egerton
Tony Clifton
Simon Carney
Rob Pardoe
Mastermind (Ronnie Barker) I could have Danced all Night
Fliss Bate
Sound Pete Lawry
Lighting Ray Bulmer
Bar Margaret Bulmer