One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Written by Ken Kesey
Adapted by Dale Wasserman
Directed for Actonians by Andy Fisher


The play is set in an American State Mental Hospital.

The long term patients are rather overawed and fascinated by the arrival of Randle P McMurphy, an insubordinate prison inmate.

His humour and attitude reflect on the inmates, who are captivated and energised by him.

We are very grateful to...

WESTERN EQUIPMENT for the loan of the bed.
FRENCHAY HOSPITAL for the loan of scrubs.
GLENSIDE MUSEUM for the loan of strait jacket and electric shock therapy equipment.
SOUTHMEAD HOSPITAL for the loan of nurses' uniforms.


1. The Patients
Chief Bromden Rob Pardoe
Dale Harding Simon Carney
Billy Bibbit Richard Egerton
Scanlon John Sinkinson
Cheswick Matthew Godsell
Martini Godfrey Laundy
Ruckley Geoff Wilkinson
Randle P McMurphy Richard Stanway
2. The Staff
Aide Warren Mike Schofield
Aide Williams Steve Birch
Dr Spivey Alan Cross
Nurse Ratched Di Pardoe
Nurse Flinn Rachel Taylor
Aide Turkle Pete Lawry
3. Others
Candy Starr Sarah Atkins
Sandra Rosie Bateman
Technician Ray Bulmer
Chronic Danny Rogers
4. Crew
Stage Manager Bob Allen
Set Build
Barrie Wright
Peter Lawry
Lighting Mark Whitehouse
Sound Michelle Lucas
Properties Rona Wright
Prompt Di Roper-Marshall
Costumes Pat Maltby
Bar Margaret Bulmer
Box Office June Cross
Photographs Ray Bulmer