Trivial Pursuits

Written by Frank Vickery
Directed for Actonians by Margaret Bulmer & Angie Croome


A Summer evening's barbeque is the setting for a meeting of the Trealaw and District Operatic Society. Next Season's play is being announced but Nick, the Society's business manager, has promised a different show and the plum roles to four different people.

As the evening progresses each character's foibles and talents are revealed: Joyce, once talented and well-meaning, is a lush; Teddy is alternately sweet and strident; Derek is pathetic but lovable.

The complex relationships between players emerge as moments of pure slapstick and farce alternate with ones full of real drama and pathos.

Not every hitch is resolved, but at the end of this exploration, by turns ironic and serious, of the joys and heartaches of amateur theatrics, we leave the Society intact and its members ready for another season testing the magic and artifice that is theatre.

Act I - 7.30 on a Saturday evening in August

Act II
Scene 1 - Later that evening
Scene 2 - Ten minutes later

The Actonians are grateful to the Winterbourne Operatic Society for the loan of the grass and the trellis work.


Teddy Godfrey Laundy
Joyce Sarah McMahon
Mona Pat Stimson
Pearl Michelle Lucas
Roz Sarah Atkins
Jessica Rosie Bateman
Derek Alan Cross
Nick Mike Schofield
Deidre Di Roper-Marshall
Eddie Richard Stanway
Stage Manager Ray Bulmer
Set Design Ann Aplin
Set Construction
Ray Bulmer
Barrie Wright
Set Painting Bob Allen
Sound Peter Lawry
Lighting Mark Whitehouse
Prompt Andy Fisher
Rhona Wright
Pat Maltby
Bar Bob Allen
Ticket Sales Gaynor Clark
Advertising Howard Aplin
Front of House Steve Birch
Production Photographs Steve Birch