7 Women

Written by J M Barrie
Directed for Actonians by Simon Carney


Extremely Well Directed by Simon Carney - well done that man..!

Avon Festival - Saturday 25th February 2006

Results..! Emma Stewart nominated for the Priory Candelabra for Best Actress;
Actonians nominated for the Richard Brayshaw Cup for Technical Award;
David Hebblethwaite awarded the Goodway Memorial Cup for Best Actor;
Actonians awarded the Alexander Trophy for the Winning Team.
Congratulations awarded heartily to the Whole Team..!

The Next round; was beautifully performed at the Princes Hall Theatre, Clevedon on Saturday 22nd April.
But we did not go through to the next round.

Gloucester Festival at Cheltenham...
When asked how we got on at Cheltenham, Simon was heard to say "Not a sniff..!"

Rachel & Pat were nominated for Best Supporting Role
Rob & David were nominated for Best Actor
We were also nominated for Best Technical Achievement


Mrs Tovey Rachel Taylor
Mr Tovey Rob Pardoe
Capt Rattray RN David Hebblethwaite
Leonora Emma Stewart
The Housemaid Pat Stimson
Stage Manager Alan Cross
Lighting Ray Bulmer
Sound John Adams
Set Design Bob Allen
Costumes Pat Maltby
Properties Pat Maltby
Prompt Di Pardoe
Photographs Ray Bulmer