Run For Your Wife

Written by Ray Cooney
Directed for Actonians by Bob Allen & Sarah McMahon


The action takes place in the Wimbledon flat of John and Mary Smith and, simultaneously, in the Streatham flat of John & Barbara Smith.


Mary Smith Sarah Atkins
Barbara Smith Gaynor Clark
John Smith Simon Carney
Det Sgt Troughton Mike Schofield
Stanley Gardner Rob Pardoe
Newspaper Reporter Godfrey Laundy
Det Sgt Porterhouse Barrie Wright
Bobby Franklin Godfrey Laundy
Assistant Director Sarah McMahon
Stage Manager Andy Fisher
ASM Richard Egerton
Properties Rona Wright
Assistant Properties James McMahon
Set Design/Construct Ray Bulmer
Set Decoration
Bob Allen
Simon Carney
Gaynor Clark
Andy Fisher
Carpentry Barrie Wright
Lighting Mark Whitehouse
Sound John Adams of Bettws
Costume Supervision Pat Stimson
Rehearsal Assistants
Richard Egerton
David Hebblethwaite
Telephone Provisioning Steve Birch
Prompt Di Pardoe
Front of House
Pete Lawry
Danny Rogers
Steve Birch
Bar Margaret Bulmer
Di Pardoe
Rob Pardoe
Programme Bob Allen
Tickets Pete Lawry
Photography Ray Bulmer
Advertising Howard Aplin
Bar Margaret Bulmer