Cinderella Romps about Pantoland

Written by James Sinkinson
Directed for Actonians by Sarah McMahon


Cinderella Romps About Pantoland This production was a joint effort by the Actonians and the Village Hall Committee as a fund raiser for 'Project 2000'. Any resemblance between this production and Pantomime is purely coincidental. Audience Song Sheet for Act IV..... The Pwinth's Chorwuth Oopy doop doop, oopy doop ee doop doopy Oopy doopy doop doop, doopy doop ee doop doopy I'm thingin in the wain Justht thingin in the wain What a glorwiouth feelin I'm happy and gay I minth down the lane With a happy wefwain Jutht thingin and danthin in the wain. [Wepeat chorwuth, but Ffortithimo!] God save our gracious King He would do anything T'see his son wed But ee aint that way inclined Ee's not the marryin kind Ee'll probably go quite blind Is doctor said.


Cinderella Gaelle Chivers
Zip Tim Wrighton
Acne - ugly sister Pete Lawry
Squint - even uglier Colin Chivers
Crispy Duck - Cantonese Style Alan Irons
Baron Groper Mike Schofield
Mirror - Mirror Pat Stimson
Gina Ginelli - Hairy Godmother Lesley Keetley
Little Red Riding Helmet Carly Bowden
Ghost of above's Grandmama Anne Chenery
Snow White
Lorrie Bowden
Natalie Schofield
Prince Charm Bracelet Janet Lewis
Farmer Dung Beanstalk Jack
Martin Lewis
Noddy Ben Chivers
Sleezy Mike Wills
Fidget the Midget Roger Hughes
Short John Silver Stephenie Chappell
Itchy April Coulstring
Clumsy Craig Coulstring
Dribbly Nick Clark
Snotty Adrian Hopkins
Der Hanna Schofield
Gaynor Clark
Lin Bowden
Fliss Bate
Emma O'Connell
Piano Margaret Wilmott
Stage Manager Bob Allen
Make-up Lesley Irons
Costumes June Schofield
Properties Rachel Tillotson
Prompt Donna Worrall
Business Manager David Hatherall
Set Bob Allen
Bar Mark Stevens
Catering Marian Coulstring
Sound Ray Bulmer