Written by John Gardiner & Andrew Parr
Directed for Actonians by Mike Wills & Lesley Keetley


Book & Lyrics by John Gardiner - Music by Andrew Parr


Dazzle Star Sarah McMahon
Sam Galectic Mike Schofield
Mr Speck Richard Stanway
Mahammed MacToxic Mike Bose
Pearl Pacemaker Gaynor Clark
Alura Link Di Buck
Mr Suey Gerry Millward
Lolita Laser Sarah Atkins
Mr Paddy Colin Chivers
Gary Gemini Roger Hughes
Angela Krypton Janet Lewis
Sekurikor John de Barham
Big Olga Lindsey Collier
Little Olga Pat Stimson
The Starlets
Liz Aplin
Rachel Tillotson
Liz Sellick
Joanne Smith
The Wise Ones
Anne Chenery
Lin Bowden
Christine Rogers
Rona Wright
Slimebag Margaret Bulmer
Doctor Who Danny Rogers
Sue Zuki Emma O'Connell
Rita Rough Fliss Bate
Vic Vandal Martin Lewis
Swampey Lindsey Collier
Dave Death Andy Grady
Brenda Brute Maddy Rogers
Indian Take-Away Richard Lee
Ministar Rona Wright
Craig Coulstring
Nick Clark
Adrian Hopkins
Alun Davies
Sweet & Sour Songsters
Lin Bowden
Anne Chenery
Christine Rogers
Lori Bowden
Penny Warner
Rosie Warner
Victoria Strachan
April Coulstring
Craig Coulstring
Nick Clark
Adrian Hopkins
Alun Davies
April Coulstring
Assistant Director Lesley Keetley
Technical Director Bob Allen
Stage Manager Barrie Wright
Lighting Ray Bulmer
Sound Peter Lawry
Costumes Pat Stimson
Follow Spot Natalie Schofield
Set Build
Barrie Wright
Bob Allen
Ray Bulmer
Set Decoration Lindsey Collier
Properties Louise Millward
Prompt Janet Lewis
Make-up Kelly Burton-Downer
Hair Stylist Claire Stevens
Photography Maureen Blake
Logo Design Bob Allen
Transport Mike Stimson
Gaynor Clark
Roger Hughes
Keyboards Colin Smith
Musical Director Marilyn Wright
Assistand Musical Director Jan Bartlet