Drinking Companion

Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed for Actonians by Mike Wills


The second play in Ayckbourn's "Confusions" series.

Harry is in a hotel bar and tries to flirt with perfume saleswoman Paula. Harry's obvious and strong advances scare Paula somewhat, however Paula makes the most of the free drinks Harry is providing until friend Bernice approaches and tries to get her to leave. Harry gives Paula his room key in obvious hope and persists to flirt and also trying his luck with Bernice. Eventually the women become quite adamant that they must leave so Harry goes to get them a taxi, whilst he is gone the two women escape leaving the key with a waiter.


Harry Bob Allen
Paula Gaynor Clark
Bernice Christine Rogers
Waiter Don Brown
Stage Manager Barrie Wright
Set Design
Barrie Wright
Steve Birch
Set Painting
Ann Chenery
June Schofield
Properties Barbara Hazel
Prompt Rona Wright
Lighting Martin Lewis
Sound Janet Lewis