Salad Days

Written by Dorothy Reynolds & Julian Slade
Directed for Actonians by Marilyn Wright


The Tramp Pete Lawry
Jane Julie Colbeck
Timothy Roland Kitchen
Hazel Dron
Christine Rogers
Rona Wright
Liz Aplin
Gerry Millward

John Tillotson
Mike Wills
Geoff Dickes
Timothy's Mother Rona Wright
Timothy's Father John Tillotson
Aunt Pru Helen Scott
Lady Raeburn Jenny Winter
Heloise Sonya Naish
Assistant Liz Aplin
Manicurist Christine Rogers
PC Boot Jon Jones
Rowena Helen Scott
The Bishop Cliff Taynton
Troppo Danny Rogers
Butterfly Catcher John Tillotson
Artist Geoff Dickes
Sunbather Rachel Tillotson
Tennis Player Christine Rogers
Fosdyke Nick Cutland
Sir Clamsby Williams Gerry Millward
Inspector Pete Lawry
Nigel Nick Cutland
American John Tillotson
Shopgirl Missy Rogers
Jean Dickes
Geoff Dickes
Lady Rona Wright
Manager Gerry Millward
Fiona Rachel Tillotson
Tom Smith Pete Lawry
Waitress Liz Aplin
Slave Geoff Dickes
Arms Dancers
Christine Rogers
Danny Rogers
Augustine Williams Mike Wills
Asphynxia Jenny Winter
John Tillotson
Geoff Dickes
Christine Rogers
Liz Aplin
Ambrose Pete Lawry
Model 1 Jenny Winter
Model 2 Liz Aplin
Model 3 Christine Rogers
Model 4 Mary Hinds
Electrode Maddie Rogers
Uncle Zed Gerry Millward
Piano Charlotte Ruff
Stage Manager Steve Birch
Lighting Ray Bulmer
Business Manager Penny Percy
Jill Sutton
Christine Rogers
Liz Birch
Art & Design
Maureen Chapman
Meryl Cook
Set Construction John Percy
Anna Tillotson
Meryl Cook
Special Effects John Percy
Sound Effects Steve Birch
Kathy Plaster
Jenny Winters
Front of House Ann Aplin
Prompt Janet lewis
Stage Hands
Tom Rogers
Elizabeth Wright