Lock Up Your Daughters

Written by Henry Fielding
Adapted by Bernard Miles
Directed for Actonians by Jane Levan


A Musical Play adapted by Bernard Miles from Henry Fielding's Comedy, Rape upon Rape. Music by Laurie Johnson and lyrics by Lionel Bart.

The action of the play takes place in England in the early eighteenth century.

Henry Fielding is best known for his novel Tom Jones, but he was a prolific writer, and Rape Upon Rape, upon which Lock Up Your Daughters is based, was written when he was 23.

As a direct result of two of his other plays, which were political satires, a Bill was passed in 1736 which prohibited the production of any play which had not been sanctioned by the Lord Chamberlain.


Staff - a constable Cliff Taynton
Shane Evans
Michael Cunningham
Kevin Hillier
Squeezum Colin Chivers
Quill Nicholas Sharpe
Mrs Squeezum Barbara Lloyd
Sotmore Robert Sanday
Ramble Aidan Woods
Mrs Brazencourt Angela McDermott
A Wench Lesley Keetley
Politic Peter Lawry
Hilaret Karen Duff
Cloris Maureen Chapman
Dabble Colin Pontin
Faithful Pat Stimson
Worthy John Naish
Captain Constant Peter Butterworth
Piano Anne Davies
Violin Marilyn Wright
Cello John Percy
Stage Manager Steve Birch
Ray Bulmer
Tim Jones
Simon Whittard
Props Penny Percy
Costume Design Pat Stimson
Business Manager Ann Aplin
Front of House Howard Aplin
Margaret Thomson
Jane Endicott