The Sleeping Prince

Written by Terence Rattigan
Directed for Actonians by Jane Endicott


The play takes place at the time of the Coronation of 1911, in the Royal Suite of the Carpathian Legation, London.

The play was presented at the Iron Acton Parish Hall in October 1983 - and was entered for the Evening Post Rose Bowl Awards.

In response to our appeal for more pictures of this production, Guy Erwood, whose photographs some of you will remember from the 1980s, has been in touch and kindly allowed us to display the pictures bearing his name.


Peter Nick Barrett
Mary Janet Lewis
The Major Domo John Butterworth
Butler Colin Chivers
Page James Keetley
The Regent Peter Lawry
Nicholas Peter Butterworth
The Grand Duchess Barbara Lloyd
The Countess Lesley Keetley
The Baroness Margaret Thomson
The Archduchess Angela McDermott
Louis Kate Aplin
Stage Manager Steve Birch
Roger Havelock
Kate aplin
Set Design Maureen Chapman
Properties Jean Dicks
Ann Aplin
Helen Butterworth
Prompt Glenys Fidgett
Front of House Howard Aplin
Bar Peter Wyllie
Photographs Guy Erwood