Fools May Not Speak

Written by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Actonians
Directed for Actonians by Tim Pratt


An idea based on excerpts from William Shakespeare.

Entered in the Kingswood Festival of One Act Plays at the Hexagon Theatre, Kingsfield School, Kingswood, on 12th February 1983.

Awarded a certificate for 3rd Place.

Also entered in the Malmesbury Festival of One Act Plays.

Awarded a Certificate of Entry.

Also entered in the Avon Festival of Drama at the King George Memorial Hall, Rangeworthy, on 26th February 1983.

Pat Stimson was awarded the Joe Martin Plaque for the costumes.


Fool Touchstone
Robert Sanday
Edmund Peter Butterworth
Gloucester Colin Chivers
Edgar C Fell
Cornwall Peter Wyllie
Regan Ann Aplin
Goneril Pat Stimson
Lady MacBeth Maureen Chapman
MacBeth Peter Lawry
Duncan John Butterworth
Rosalind Jane Endicott
Celia Margaret Thomson
Stage Manager Steve Birch
Costumes Pat Stimson