Spring One Act

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This is an absurd one act play for five characters. The characters can be male or female as in the script they are referred to by their character traits. (except for the woman with the green hair))

The play is set in a park in the inner city. It begins with a box being left on a bench with instructions not to move, tilt, knock or open it. A series of motley characters then begin to arrive each with a theory about the contents of the box!

Cool Guy (Cool) - level headed and objective with a cynical wit
Woman - Flappy in character. Must have green hair - comes in at very beginning and the end
Neurotic (Neuro) - Compulsive obsessive.
Doom Merchant - (Doom) - Dour, humourless.
Amateur Sleuth (Dick) - has been reading too many detective novels.


Woman with the Green Hair Rachel Taylor
Cool Debby Ashton
Neuro Di Pardoe
Doom Sarah Godsell
Dick Rob Pardoe



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