Spring 2000

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<p>J B Priestley is known not only for his plays, which include &#39;When We Are Married&#39;, but also for his novels, one of the best known being &#39;The Good Companions&#39;. &#39;An Inspector Calls&#39; was written in the 1940s and shows Priestley as a social critic, dealing with the problems in society both in 1912, when the play was set, and also through to the time of writing and beyond. It also touches on the theme of time, which interested Priestley and can be found in several of his writings.</p>


Mr Birling Gerry Millward
Mrs Birling Pat Stimson
Sheila Birling Karen Duff
Eric Birling Steve Venton
Gerald Croft Mike Schofield
Edna Lin Bowden
Inspector Goole John Adams
Stage Manager Barrie Wright
Set Design Bob Allen
Costumes Pat Stimson
Lighting Clive Leversha
Sound Steve Birch
Prompt Gaynor Clark
Properties Rona Wright


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