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Norman Robbins



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Norman Robbins is a dedicated man (and sometimes a woman!) of theatre. He has worked as the 'fella in the frock' with Ken Dodd, Morecambe & Wise, Harry Worth, Roy Hudd, Charlie Chester and Jack Douglas in panto, rep, TV and Summer Season.

He wrote his first panto at the age of 16, published his first play 'Pull The Other One' in 1975 and has produced a steady stream of scripts for Samuel French ever since. His production of Cinderella was the first panto seen in New York in 90 years ­ and was shown on TV too.

His knowledge of panto is positively encyclopaedic and his popular Slapstick & Sausages book about the evolution of British pantomime is a genuinely entertaining joy to read, Oh Yes It Is!

From fishnets to fly-in-that-fairy, Dan Leno to Drury Lane, Norman certainly knows his stuff.