Geoff Bamber

(Lazy Bee Scripts)

Geoff Bamber became a primary school teacher because, at the time, he could not think of anything else to do and assumed that it would only be temporary employment until he found a proper job. After more years than he cares to remember he realised that the proper job was not about to materialise so he gave up teaching anyway to concentrate on writing, clearing out his garage and pottering about aimlessly. He started devising plays for his pupils for no better reason than it looked good fun. His view is that, for many people, the 'school play' is the nearest they ever get to live theatre, either as performers or audience members, and, if nothing else, such enterprises serve as an antidote to the education system's never-ending desire to take itself too seriously.

Most of Geoff's plays for youth theatre organisations and schools are designed for casts of 10 to 14 year-olds but can be adapted for older age groups. His material has been used extensively in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia as well as over fifty other countries.


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