Publicity photo - Costumes by our very own Pat Stimson

November - Wednesday 28 2018 at 7.30, Thursday 29 2018 at 7.30, Friday 30 2018 at 7.30

Saturday December 1 2018 at 2.30 matinee and 7.30 evening

Sinbad the Sailor

An original pantomime written by Actonian Godfrey Laundy

Directed by Bob Allen

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The Actonians are also very grateful for the following assistance...

Bar and Front of House duties: Family & Friends

Loan of Properties: The Oldland Players &

                     Sodbury Players

Athena Greek Godess

Ares Greek God of War

Dame Sadie Sinbad – Owner of the Mermaid’s Lagoon

Sinbad the Sailor – Sadie’s eldest son

Binbagh – Sadie’s youngest son

Rahgbagh of Baghdad – Bouncer and Arab sailor

Amber Rosia – Arab sailor

Ahn-Tiq – Eastern Mystic

Cap’n Redbeard – Pirate captain

Gunpowder Gertie – Pirate

Scuttlebutt – Pirate

Grapeshot – Pirate

Bilgewater – Pirate

Black-hearted Bertha – Pirate

Princess Sabrina – Sinbad’s betrothed

Harmonia – Nymph

Hera – Nymph

King Atlas – Ruler of Atlantis

Queen Calypso – Ruler of the Ruler of Atlantis

Fay Kerings – Barmaid

Rhoda Kamul – Barmaid

Annie Seedball – Crowd

Isla White – Crowd

Carrie Oakey – Crowd

Hestta - Nymph

Shirley Knott - Crowd

Young Sinbad



Stage & Technical Manager





Set Construction


Cannon construction

Oven construction

Set Decoration

Special effects

Prompt - Show and Rehearsals

Advance bookings







Musical Director



Bass Guitar

Original Music for final scene

Pat Stimson

Mike Schofield

Nick Pearce

Dee Mason

Debby Ashton

Stewart White

Lin Bowden

Sue Anstey

Godfrey Laundy

Sarah Godsell

David Burman

Andy Fisher

Terry Mills

Margaret Bulmer

Michelle Pawley

Gaynor Clark

Di Pardoe

Hamish Constable

Jenny McDowell

Helen Briggs

Rachel Taylor

Rosie Griffiths

Karen Stojalowski

Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer

Isabel Campbell

Theo Foote



Mark Whitehouse

Richard Pawley

  Hamish Constable

Ray Bulmer

Alison Horner

Mark Whitehouse

   Steve Anstey

Hamish Constable

Ray Bulmer

Maureen Wood

Mark Whitehouse

Angie Croome

Debby Ashton

Helen Briggs

  Pat Stimson

  Jenny Millward

Val Laundy

   Ray Bulmer


Rob Pardoe

Christine Rogers

Peter Lawry

Josh Chapman

Olivier Baines


Publicity photos...


Act One...







The walkdown