17 - 19 May 2018

Hobson's Choice

by Harold Brighouse

Directed by Andy Fisher

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Synopsis of the play...

In 1880's Salford, prosperous bootmaker Henry Hobson is left a widower with three uppity daughters, two of whom already have beaus they would like to marry, but cannot until they have a dowry, which Henry is too mean to stump up for, and also not until the eldest daughter, Maggie, who is a practical no nonsense woman, who wears the trousers, is promised in marriage. Maggie defies Hobsons wishes and a battle of wits ensues where he stands to lose his customers, his girls and his pride. Ultimately it is Hobson's choice.

Act 1 - Hobson's Shop

Act 2 - Hobson's Shop a month later


Act 3 - Willy Mossop's shop and home

Act 4 - Hobson's living room a year later


 Henry Horatio Hobson -
William Mossop -

Maggie Hobson -
Vicky Hobson  -
Alice Hobson -
Ada Figgins -
Mrs Hepworth -
Timothy (Tubby) Wadlow -
Jim Heeler -
Albert Prosser -
Dr. MacFarlane -
Freddy Beenstock -

Customers -



Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Lighting and Sound






Set Construction


Set Painting





Front of House


Advance Sales


Mike Schofield

Nick Pearce

Sarah McMahon

Dee Mason

Natasha Forgham

Michelle Lucas

Pat Stimson

Godfrey Laundy

Ray Bulmer

John Blackwood

Richard Stanway

Stewart White

Grace Flynn

   Jenny McDowell


Ann Aplin

Mark Whitehouise

Hamish Constable

Alison Horner

Mark Whiotehouse

Pat Stimson

Helen Briggs

   Jenny McDowell

Bob Allen

Steve Anstey

   Mark Whitehouse

Maureen Blake

Val Laundy

   Ray Bulmer

Margaret Bulmer

  Val Laundy

Sue Anstey

   Steve Anstey

Debby Ashton


Dress rehearsal...









Well, by gum!