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Thursday 30 November to Saturday 2 December 2017

Cider with Rosie

by James Roose-Evans adapted from Laurie Lee's book

Directed by Mark Whitehouse

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Laurie Lee -
Loll -
Mother -
Jack -
Tony -
Marge -
Doth -
Phyl -
Miss Wardley -
Miss Crabby -
Walt -
Spadge -
Granny Wallon -
Granny Trill -
Vicar -
Squire -
Uncle Sid -
Victor -
Mr Davies -
Mrs Davies -
Mrs Pimbury -
Baroness Von Shodenberg -
Jo -

Rosie -

Mrs Pimbury -

Baroness Von Shodenberg -

Sexton -

Audience Member -

Children in School Room -



Set Design -

Stage Manager -

Lighting -

Sound -

Costimres -

Props -

Prompt -

Set Construction -


Musical Arrangements-

Photographs -

Bar Co-ordinator -

Front of House Co-ordinator -

Advance Sales Co-ordinator -


Simon Carney

Grace Flynn

Dee Mason

Ollie Taylor

Fern Flynn

Jessica Hatherall

Alicia Scott

Ellie Ridler

Sue Anstey

Di Pardoe

James Tofts

Gabriel Marriage

Helen Briggs

Sarah McMahon

Nick Pearce

Mike Schofield

Richard Stanway

Nick Sharp

Godfrey Laundy

Jenny McDowell

Christine Rogers

Andy Fisher

Poppy Orchard

Harriet Bisp

Christine Rogers

Andy Fisher

Richard Pawley

Alison Horner

Holly King

   Elliott Case


Mark Whitehouse

Godfrey Laundey

Rob Pardoe

Michelle Lucas

Ann Aplin

Alison Horner

Jean Capstick

Mark Whitehouse

   Steve Anstey

Rob Pardoe

Ray Bulmer

Bob Allen

Sarah Godsell

Debby Ashton



Dress Rehearsal...










Earlier rehearsal...



"Short, back and sides, please."