Avon One-Act Festival       27 February 2016

Park Hotel

by Ros Moruzzi

Directed by Andy Fisher

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Two elderly bag ladies struggling to survive, reminiscing about their lives, and two ambitious gushing socialites enjoying lunch in a nearby hotel with an old school friend who is now a TV producer, out for revenge.

A funny moral tale about ambition and attitudes to society's less fortunate.


Subject: Park Hotel
Hello Actonians,
   I just came across photos of your production of Park Hotel on your website. I loved the interpretation of Gertie and Lottie - what great and wonderfully shabby costumes, dirt and all - just as I imagined them.
   Hope the play went well and I wish you well with future productions.

   Best wishes,

   Ros Moruzzi.
   Ps. Just thought; if your two 'mature' stars are looking for other roles, you may like to look at 'Queenie' also published by Kenyon Deane.

Woman in Park, Waitress, Technician

Stage Manager

Lighting & Sound


Margaret Bulmer

Andy Fisher

Debbie Ashton

Sue Anstey

Lyn Bowden

Sarah Floate



Richard Stanway

Mark Whitehouse

Di Roper-Marshall