7pm Wednesday 13 July 2016

Junior Actonians

Big Bad and Little Red

by Raymond Blakesley

Directed by Di Pardoe, Ann Aplin & Sarah Godsell

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The play is based upon Little Red Riding Hood with interruptions by two of the three little pigs!


The action centres around the court case of Big Bad Wolf and whether or not he is guilty!

Members of the audience were participating jurors!


This is a very funny little play which we all enjoyed very much.




An email has been received from Raymond Blakesley ...


It is not often that I look at my computer, but today I did. I received a great surprise; a joyful one.  I found that your youth group had performed my play - Big Bad and Little Red..   Normally I would not write but the photographs were so joyful that I had to let you know. The setting was exactly what I wanted, with no scenery, just a small table and two chairs. And the stage left to the children.
What a convincing lot! It looked to be a performance I would have loved.
Will you now tell the cast how perfect they looked. Tell them I have never before written a letter to any other group.
Better thank the adults as well. Don't want them going off in a huff or puff.
With thanks,
Ray Blakesley
(Doing what I have never done before.)


Little Red

Lumber Jack

Granny Grizelda

Big Bad

Sam Snout

Curly Tail

Judge Wigg









with written permission from all parents of the cast

Jessica Hatherall

Ollie Taylor

Rosie Haselhan

Lissy Scott

Chloe Dean

Holly King

Harriet Bisp

Ellie Ridler

Lucy Thompson

  Grace Flynn

Poppy Orchard

  James Tofts

  The Audience


Ray Bulmer