Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th November 2010

Clochemerle by Gabriel Chevallier

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Directed by Ann Aplin

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Gabriel Chevallier's famous comic novel was first published in English in 1936 and was set in provincial France in the 1920's. Republicanism and modernity were ranged against the traditional forces of the Church and the local aristocracy when an ambitious Mayor had the idea of building an urinal.

The novel was enormously successful in its native land and was made into a film there in the 1950's. It became a best seller in English as well and in the 1970's was made into a successful BBC television series, which many people remember with great affection, but which I never saw.

It has been described as 'Rebelaisian' and ' A fine satire, filled with humorous incidents and subtle philosophy', but when it crossed my mind as a possible source for a large cast play, that might appeal to a village, I couldn't find a published version in the catalogue of plays. In the end an account of another production caught my eye in Amateur Stage and I was able to get in touch with Julian Sluggett whose play is the official English translation and he sent me his script which landed on my desk and caused me to think "Now how do we do that?"

It could have been played with a small cast all playing a multitude of parts, but with an excellent response from our members I felt it was better to direct it as a community company reflecting life in another community across the Channel - ninety years ago.

This production is how the Actonians have coped with its challenges on our small stage - and as winter draws in we hope it gives you a taste of a warm wine-scented area of France.

 Ann Aplin

Rough sketches of the set.. (They don't get any better than this, folks..!)







Justine Putet

Judith Tourmignon

Adele Torbayon

Madame Fouache

Madame Manapoux

Baroness de Courtebiche

Rose Bivaque

Housekeeper to Cure

Housekeeper to Abbe

Tine Fadet

Notary's Secretary

Bernadine Samothrace


Madame Brodequin

Madame Nicholas

Aide to Minister Luvelat

Madame Manapoux


Barthemy Piechut

Ernest Tafardel

Cure Ponosse

Francois Tourmignon

Hypolite Foncimage

Doctor Mouraille

Artur Torbayon

Eugene Fadet/Capt Tardiveaux

Notary Girodot

Aristide Focart


Alexandre Boudillat/Archbishop

Claudius Brodequin



Oscar de St Choul/Nicholas

Fadet's gang


Minister Luvelat

Minister's Aide




Stage Manager


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French pronunciation

Set & publicity design

Set construction


assisted by









Box Office & Programme



The play is principally set in the main square of Clochemerle, a small town in the Beaujolais area of France, but the action also moves through the offices of the lawyer, the confessional, the Town Hall, the Chateau, the interior of the church, the Archbishop's Palace and the Ministry of the Interior.



Margaret Bulmer

Kay Sutton

Becky Sawicki-Gregg

Andy Fisher

Sarah Atkins

Di Pardoe

Emma Waldon

Pat Stimson

Helen Briggs

June Cross

Rona Wright

Di Pardoe

Michelle Clare-Hudson

Helen Briggs

Jenny McDowell

Pat Stimson

Sarah Godsell

Rob Pardoe

Matthew Godsell

Godfrey Laundy

Mike Schofield

Simon Carney

Barrie Wright

Terry Mills

Richard Stanway

Alan Cross

Geoff Wilkinson

Jim Sinkinson

Ray Bulmer

Rob Creer

Geoff Wilkinson

Alan Cross

Chris P Taylor

Nick Sharp

  Rob Creer

Simon Carney

Pat Stimson



Ann Aplin

Steve Birch

Mark Whitehouse

Kate Aplin

Pete Lawry

Mark Whitehouse

Angie Croome

  Rachel Taylor

  Gaynor Clark

Di Pardoe

Maureene Blake

Barrie Wright

Isobel Campbell

June Cross

  Pat Stimson

  Ann Aplin

June Cross

Malcolm Watson

  Gaynor Clark

Rose Birch

  Val Laundy

Alan Cross

Bob Allen

Ray Bulmer