Publicity photograph, Sunday 20 September 2005

30th November  to 3rd December 2005 - The Cherry Orchard - by Anton Chekhov

Co-Directed by Lesley Keetley & John Adams

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Anton Chekov completed "The Cherry Orchard" late in 1902, by now seriously ill with tuberculosis, and sent it off to The Moscow Arts Theatre. It was not a happy production. He himself perceived the play as a Comedy, but Stanislavsky, his director, insisted that it was a tragedy. The two continued working at cross purposes till the bitter end. In spite of, or perhaps because of, this disagreement, the opening in 1904 was an immediate and immense success. Indeed, "The Cherry Orchard" demonstrates an exquisite balance of tragedy and farce with which Chekhov so skilfully imbued his mature plays.

Three months later, quite near death, Chekhov went to a German Spa on the orders of his Doctor, where he died in the July. He was just 44 years of age.

Dunyasha, the chambermaid

Yermolay Lopakhin, a businessman

Yepikhodov, the estate clerk

Firs, the old footman, aged 87

Anya, Ranyevsakaya's daughter

Lyuba Ranyevskaya, a landowner

Charlotta Ivanovna, the governess

Varya, Ranyevsakaya's adopted daughter

Lenya Gayev, Ranyevsakaya's brother

Simeonov-Pischik, a landowner

Yasha, the young footman

Petya Trofimov, a student

A Passer-by

The Stationmaster

The Postmaster

Party guests


Charlotta's dog


Sarah Atkins

Alan Cross

Rob Pardoe

Danny Rogers

Rachel Taylor

Di Pardoe

Andy Fisher

Lin Bowden

David Hebblethwaite

Mike Schofield

Richard Stanway

Matthew Godsell

Jim Sinkinson

Barrie Wright

Simon Carney

Grace Jackson

  Rosie Bateman




Stage Manager & Set Construction




Set Design

Set Painting




Costume Supervisor

Costume Assistants










Box Office & Ticket Sales


Barrie Wright

Richard Egerton

  Simon Carney

  Bob Allen

Bob Allen

Bob Allen

  Maureen Blake

Pete Lawry

Ray Bulmer

Ann Aplin

Miriam Birch

  Sue Godwin

  Pat Maltby

  Michelle Lucas

Di Roper-Marshall

  Angela Croome

Rona Wright

  Yvonne Bate

Margaret Bulmer

Sarah McMahon

Godfrey Laundy