"Tis but an old barn owl. See - there he sits..."    "Struck by Lightnin - Aye Cap'n, Aye - Ha Ha Haaaa..!"

25th September 2004 - Mayhem at the Mill or Fortune's Fate by Brian J Burton

directed by Angie Croome

Performed at the  -  'Festival of Culture'  -  Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre

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"Then die you shall! Turn, man, turn for the final time!""

Edward Trump - the hero

Vera Goodheart - the heroine

Saul - the villain

Obidiah - another villain

Villagers - the people of the village



Sound Effects



Richard Stanway

Sarah Atkins

Matthew Godsell

Jim Sinkinson

Gaynor Clark

  Ann Aplin

  Margaret Bulmer

Ray Bulmer


Steve Birch