March 2004 - The Five Counties Youth Drama Festival

Presented by the Avon Association of Drama

and hosted by the Actonians Drama Group at Iron Acton Parish hall

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The Contestants...





Next Stage Youth Theatre Co

   (Avon winners)

The Commonweal School

   (Wiltshire winners)

Redland High School

   (Bristol winners)

St Gregory Youth Theatre

   (Somerset winners)


The Commonweal School were declared the winners with their presentation of Cagebirds, a play which shows how people are naturally conservative and imprison themselves with their own fears.

The Commonweal school is an 11-16 comprehensive situated in the old town of Swindon. The school has recently been awarded performing arts status and has an impressive reputation for its productions and performances. Recent works include Oliver Twist, Grease and To Kill a Mockingbird.

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