February 2002 - Robin Hood - adapted by Jenny Warner from

Robin Hood - The Truth behind the Green Tights by David Neilson

The Junior Actonians

Directed by Jenny Warner

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Albert Ross

Albert's wife

Walter of Weybridge

Dicken Barleycorn

Robin Hood

Little John

Will Scalet


Maid Marian

Sherrif of Nottingham

Baron Guy of Gisbourne




Luke Wilson-Tancock

Natasha Clark

Oliver Wilson-Tancock

Elizabeth Williams

Aaron Chapman

Hattie Cross

Billy East

Sarah Blunden

Alex O'Brien

Josh Chapman

Ben Killey

Claire Ricketts

Charlie Blake

Janson McIver

This Festival production was performed as part of a double bill, together with The Actonians' one act play 'We Need a Man'.


Iron Acton Parish Hall, Friday, February 8th, at 7.30 pm.



Stage Manager


Barrie Wright