May 1998 - Playhouse Creatures - by April de Angelis

Directed by Ann Aplin

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The Action of the Play takes place in 1669, on and around the stage of the Kings Theatre, London.


This is an earthy, modern play about women who were breaking new ground. "Playhouse creatures they called you, like you was animals". These women, whose rebellion against or acceptance of their lot, will strike a chord with modern audiences; women who were actresses, fulfilled and only truly alive when on stage, or who used the stage as a stepping stone in their own careers.


During Cromwell's Commonwealth, plays were forbidden; and before that, women on stage were not acceptable; all parts for women were played by men.

After the Restoration of Charles II, all that changed...

Doll Common

Nell Gwyn

Mrs Farley

Mrs Betterton

Mrs Marshall



Stage Manager

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Set Design

Lighting design

Lighting Operation


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Publicity & Box Office



Bar & Front of House




Margaret Bulmer

Sarah McMahon

Janet Wills

Pat Stimson

Lin Bowden



Steve Birch

Howard taylor

  Karen Duff

Angie Croome

Maureen Blake

Clive Leversha

Bob Allen

Pete Lawry

  Jamie McIver

Pat Stimson

  Loretta Ogden Froud

Donna Worrall

  Gaynor Clark

  Christine Rogers

Mike Wills

  Barry Wright

  Anne Chenery