June 1994 - The Crucible - by Arthur Miller

Directed by Bob Allen & assisted by Sarah McMahon

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Cast: Set Design: Bob Allen



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Arthur Miller

Mike Colbourne 

Rev Samuel Parris

Betty Parris, his daughter


Abigail Williams

Susanna Walcott

Mrs Ann Putnam

Thomas Putnam

Mercy Lewis

Mary Warren

Elizabeth Proctor

John Proctor

Rebecca Nurse

Francis Nurse

Giles Corey

Rev John Hale

Deputy Governor Danforth

Judge Hawthorne

Ezekiel Cheever

Marshal Herrick

Sarah Good

Martha Corey/commentator



Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager



Set design/paint


Set Build

Props obtained by



Costume Design

Costumes made by



Front of House





Business Manager


'Crucible' Logo Design

Bar Services





Mike Schofield

Rosie Pratt

Di Buck

Elizabeth Aplin

Liz Sellick

Lin Bowden

Ray Bulmer

Emma O'Connell

Joanne Smith

Pat Stimson

Mike Colbourne

Margaret Bulmer

Jack Duff

Richard Stanway

Malcolm Holmes

John Adams

Barrie Wright

Michael Bose

Paul Davies

Sarah Atkins

Gaynor Clark



Mike Wills

Jim Sinkinson

Gerry Millward

Peter Lawry

Bob Allen &

   Lindsey Collier

Barrie Wright

Pat Stimson

Charlotte Norman

  Fliss Bate

Pat Stimson

Pat Stimson &

   Sarah Atkins

Rona Wright

Gaynor Clark

  Jenny Pratt

  Anne Chenery

  Barbara Flannery

  Joyce Richards

Gaynor Clark

Ray Bulmer

Maureen Chapman

Terry Eddols

  Jo Besant

  Janet lewis

  Sam Lewis

Jenny Winter


Meeting House

Parris' bedroom

Proctor's house

Salem Jail

...and the real thing.