"These are men whose minds the dead have ravished"

March/April 1994 - The Pity of War - adapted by Penny Percy from the poems of Wilfred Owen

Directed by Tim Pratt

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...a signaler, to whose ear is glued the receiver..."


Murmuring by myriads in the shimmering trees


Wakening with wonder in the Pyrenees"

Wilfred Owen

Mr Owen Snr

Mrs Owen

Mary Owen, sister

Siegfried Sassoon








Stage Manager





Festival entry.....


March, entered for the Avon One Act Festival at the Memorial Hall, Rangeworthy.

Awarded the Richard Brayshaw Cup for Best Technical.

Awarded the Peter English Cup for Runners Up....

... and, in April, was sent on, by default, to the Central Division Finals at Frome.

Jonathan Jones

Gerry Millward

Pat Stimson

Rachel Tillotson

John Gush

Colin Chivers

Gaynor Clark

Cyril Luton

Richard _____

Geoff Dickes



Steve Birch

Ray Bulmer

Liz Aplin





March, also entered for the Malmesbury One Act Festival.

Retained the Allan Peacock Trophy (held by the Junior Actonians) for the Best original Entry.

Awarded the Roberts-Phare Cup, a new Trophy for Design.

Pat Stimson retained for the Actonians the June Rose Trophy (held by Jenny Winter) for the Best Supporting Performance.

Tim Pratt was nominated for the Ponting Trophy, a new trophy for best Director.

Jonathan Jones was nominated for the Roy Cooper Trophy for the Best Actor.


War broke out;

And now the Winter of the world

With perishing great darkness

closes in"