May 1993 - Cold Comfort Farm

adapted from Stella Gibbons' novel by Paul Doust

Directed by Ann Aplin

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The story tells of Flora Poste, a smart, sophisticated young woman from London - rather like Stella herself- who goes to live with some strange relations in Sussex that she had never seen before, the Starkadders of Cold Comfort Farm. The Starkadders are a mad, violent lot, very rustic in a sort of doom laden Hardyesque kind of way, and Flora sets out to tidy up their very untidy lives. She eventually succeeds in doing so, against all the odds and with many comic incidents on the way.

Flora Poste


Mr Neck

Judith Starkadder

Seth Starkadder


Adam Lambsbreath

Elfine Starkadder

Urk Starkadder

Ruben Starkadder

Amos Starkadder

Aunt Ada Doom


Mrs Hawk Monitor

Richard Hawk Monitor



Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Set Design

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Costume Supervision

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Front of House



Rachel Tillotson

Nick Sharpe

Colin Chivers

Pat Stimson

Tim Wrighton

Janet Lewis

Gerry Millward

Rachel Nadyne Harris

Mike Wills

Mike Schofield

Bob Allen

Lesley Keetley

Bob Allen

Jenny Winter

Harvey Gay



Liz Aplin

Steve Birch

Maureen Chapman

Steve Birch

Bob Allen

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