April 1989 - The Dining Room - by AR Gurney, Jnr - Directed by Ann Aplin

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Arthur, Billy, Nick, Fred, Jim

   and Standish   

Agent, Girl, Child, Dora,

   Sarah and Meg   

Sally, Ellie, Winkie, Beth

   and Emily   

Client, Boy, Howard, Michael,

   Paul, Tony, David and Harvey   

Annie, Psychiatrist, Old Lady,

   Kate and Old Annie   

Grace, Peggy

   and Aunt Harriet   

Father, Grandfather, Stuart,

   Gordon and Host   

Aggie, Sandra, Nancy, Bertha

   and Ruth   

Carolyn, Child, Margery, Helen

  and Claire   

Architect, Brewster, Ben, Chris

   and Dick   



Stage Manager 

Lighting & Sound


Front of House 

Business & Publicity





Robert Allen


Elizabeth Aplin


Maureen Chapman


Jonathan Jones


Janet Lewis


Barbara Lloyd


Gerald Millward


Christine Rogers


Rachel Tillotson


Mike Wills




Jenny Winter

Tim Jones &

   John Adams

Pete Lawry

Penny Percy &

   Rona Wright

Margaret Thomson

Paul MacNeaney

Carol MacNeaney