14th March 1986 - An Evening of Entertainment - Including... 

The Pobble Who Had No Toes - by Edward Lear

Silly Willy - by Clifford Bax

The Princess and the Woodcutter

Directed by Penny Percy

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Cast: The Evening.....


There are no pictures of these three productions in the Archives.

Can Anyone help..?

The Pobble who had no Toes:


Aunt Jobiska












Silly Willy:

Silly Willy

Lady Silverlocks

Mary Ann

Dr Bedsyde Manners



The Princess & the Woodcutter:

The Woodcutter


The King

The Queen

The Red Prince

The Blue Prince

The Yellow Prince







Michelle Davis

Sarah Thorne

Katie Jarrett

David Butt

  Gemma Butt

  Lucy Gale

  Katy Gale

  Emma Jarrett

  Victoria Cook

  Laura Sutton

  Nina Sutton

  Haley whittle



Steven Butt

Eleanor Spare

Joanne Jarrett

Rhiannon Spare

Joanna Thorne



Alyse Strachan

Joanne Smith

Emma Cook

Sonya Naish

Rebecca Hubbard

Elizabeth Sellick

Sarah Spaull

Michelle Davis

  Sarah Thorne

  Katie Jarrett

  Emma Jarrett


The evening began with

Barbeque Song, with

Lucy Gale

Katy Gale and

Joanna Jarrett


Followed by the three plays shown here, by the Junior Actonians.


The second half of the evening consisted of Act One of You Never Can Tell.


The Ragwoman of the Shambles.


With the following warning in the Programme...

You may wish to take your children home before The Ragwoman begins, as it contains action which could frighten them.