October 1985 - Waters of the Moon - by NC Hunter
Directed by Ann Aplin

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The Play.....

The dull routine of a modest shabby private hotel in the West Country is broken by the arrival of unexpected and exciting guests whose car breaks down nearby. HELEN LANCASTER, a vivacious and attractive woman, together with her husband and l8 year old daughter are well and truly snowbound. In this setting, the effect of the sophisticated newcomers on the household is both comic and tragic, as certain relationships develop and inevitable strains begin to show.

John Daly

Evelyn Daly, his sister

Mrs Whyte

Colonel Selby

Mrs Daly

Mrs Ashworth

Julius Winterhalter

Helen Lancaster

Tonetta Landi, her daughter

Robert Lancaster



Set Designed and Painted

Stage Managers








Business Manager

Front of House


Garden Set

Peter Butterworth

Helen Scott

Margaret Thomson

Colin Chivers

Pat Stimson

Lesley Keetley

Richard Randall

Janet Lewis

Gaynor Clark

Ray Bulmer



Maureen Chapman

Simon Whittard

Steve Birch

Louise Montgomery

Tim Jones

Howard Aplin

Jane Endicott

Jean Dickes

Pat Stimson

Penny Percy

Howard Aplin

Karen Duff

Parkers Garden Centre