February 1984 - Part One of Murder in the Cathedral - by TS Eliot

Directed by Penelope Percy

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Festival Entry.....


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Chorus of Women










A messenger

Archbishop Thomas becket

First Tempter

Second Tempter

Third Tempter

Fourth Tempter



Stage Manager

Pippa Calne

  Dorothy Christmas

  Ruth Cutts

  Karen Duff

  Lesley Keetley

  Janet Lewis

  Gay Meredith

John Naish

  Robert Sanday

  Peter Lawry

Philip Phillips

Peter Wyllie

Nick Barrett

Peter Butterworth

Philip Phillips

Pat Stimson



Steve Birch

Entered in the Avon One Act Festival, on 1st March 1984.

Gained a Grade A Mark.


Also entered in the Kingswood One Act Drama Festival on 18th February 1984

Awarded 15 for third place.


Also presented at the Iron Acton Parish Hall on 24th & 25th February 1984, as part of an Evening of Entertainment, together with about eight feet of The Crocodile, q.v.