October 1981 - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime -  a comedy by Constance Cox,

based on the short story by Oscar Wilde - Directed by Maureen Chapman

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Baines, the butler

Lord Arthur Savile

Sybil Merton, his fiancee

The Dean of Paddington

Lady Windermere

Lady Clementina Beauchamp

Lady Julia merton

Mr Podgers, a Cheiromantist

Nellie, the maid

Herr Winkelkoff, an anarchist




Stage Managers






Technical Advisor

Backstage team



The Play.....

Lord Arthur Savile who, while attending a society party, has his palm read. The palm reader, Mr. Podgers (who is the personal cheiromantist to the party's host, Lady Windermere) is less than optimistic about what he reads in Savile's palm though.

Visibly shaken, Mr Podgers tells a very cryptic fortune, saying only that Arthur will go on a voyage and will lose a relative. There is obviously more that Podger is holding back, but he won't elaborate, leaving Arthur to wonder, given his forthcoming marriage...

Steve Birch

Peter Wyllie

Jane Endicott

Bob Allen

Janet lewis

Ann Aplin

Pat Stimson

Nick Barrett

Deidre Evans

Robert Sanday



Liz Birch

Geoff Endicott

  Peter Butterworth

  Gerry Davies

Sue Pullen

  Denise Grabham

Pat Stimson

Tony Grabham






Costume design by

Pat Stimson