17th March 1979 - An Evening of Entertainment

The Happy Journey - by Thornton Wilder

['The Happy Journey' was also entered in the Malmesbury One-Act Festival and a One-Act festival at Hanham Folk Centre]

& Murder in the Red Barn - by Constance Cox

Master of Ceremonies - Steve Birch

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There are no known pictures of this evening's proceedings.


Does anyone know of any..?

The Happy Journey, by

Ma Kirby

Pa (Elmer) Kirby

Arthur Kirby

Caroline Kirby




Stage Managers



Maria Marten, or Murder in the Red Barn

Maria Marten

William Corder






Thornton Wilder

Ann Aplin

Steve Birch

James Dron

Kate Booker

Liz Chivers


Brian Mortimore

Nick Barrett

  Robert Sanday



Maureen Chapman

Robert Sanday

Barbara Lloyd

Cliff Taynton

Ann Shortman


Tom Hill

The Happy Journey was also entered in several Festivals.

One of these was the Malmesbury One Act Play Festival 1979 at Malmesbury School, Corn Gastons, on Tuesday 24th April 1979.


It was also presented in another Festival at the Hanham Folk Centre.


The action of the play takes place in the United States, earlier in this century.