1976 Simon & Laura cast


May 1976 - Simon & Laura

a comedy by Alan Melville - Directed by Trevor Rex-Hemmings

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Cast: The Play...

1976 Simon & Laura

In this production, John Inverdale, John Inverdale the well-known TV sports presenter,

made his first appearance in front of a TV camera (made of cardboard)

Simon Foster

Laura Foster

Wilson, the Manservant


Mr wolfstein

David Prentice

Janet Honeyman




Joe, BBC Cameraman



Stage Manager

Set Design

 Lighting & Sound

Property Mistresses


Set Construction


Tony Day

Jenny Nesbitt

Johnny Inverdale

Margaret Thomson

Tom Hill

Nick Barrett

Jendy Inverdale

Linda North

Arthur Pitt

Sue Perrett

Tim Allsop



Bob Broom

Maureen Chapman

Jenny Pratt

Maureen Chapman

  Elizabeth Driver

Brian Angell

  Steve Riley

The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Foster's home in London