April 1973 - A Letter from the General

a drama by Maurice McLoughlin - Directed by Barbara Sasin

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The action of the play takes place in the Common Room of a Mission Station in an Eastern Country in the year 1950.

Sister Henry

Sister Lucy

Sister Bridget

Reverend Mother

Sister Magdalen

Arthur Stilton

Ruth Stilton

Captain Lee

Father Schiller



Stage Manager



Sound Effects




Set Painting



House Manager


June Wyton

Jendy Inverdale

Maureen Beasley

Penny Percy

Kitty Wathen

Trevor Rex-Hemmings

Elizabeth Driver

David Shoubridge

John Wayman



John Wayman

  John Moger

James Howell

John Moger

John Moger

Christine Saunders

  Joan Moger

Richard pagington

  Brian Davies

  Michael Wheeler

Ann North







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