1968 - Bonaventure - by Charlotte Hastings

[There is some speculation on the internet that Charlotte Hastings is actually Catherine Cookson, but no one seems to be sure or have any proof.]

Directed by Margaret Green & Tony Day

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The action of the play passes in the Convent of Our Lady of Rheims, a French Nursing Order, at Denzil St David, a village some miles from Norwich, England. The time is the beginning of 1947.


The breaking of the Great Dyke has flooded roads in the Fen country. At the convent of Our Lady of Rheims, homeless villagers are being housed. The flood has also trapped two prison officials and their prisoner SARAT CARN - convicted of her brother's murder and on her way to the gallows. In spite of the damning circumstantial evidence, SISTER MAY BONAVENTURE is certain of SARAT'S innocence. Against the Reverend Mother's wishes SISTER MARY perseveres in trying to help SARAT. She uncovers a hitherto unknown connection between the doctor who had stood as SARAT'S friend and a woman for whose death SARAT'S brother had been responsible. Just before the police arrive, a confession is forced from the real murderer.


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Nurse Phillips

Nurse Trent

Sister Josephine

Willy Pentridge

Sister Mary Bonaventure

Dr Jeffreys

The Mother Superior


Sarat Carn

Miss Pierce

Martha Pentridge



Stage Manager


Stage Electrician

Property Mistress

Wardrobe Mistress

House Manager

Stage Staff

June Wyton

Theresa Cook

Margaret Green

Clifford Taynton

Margaret Thomas

Anthony Waker

Winifred Smith

Dennis King

Yvonne Gowen

Joyce Turner

Betty Driver



Gerald Green

Arthur Pitt

John Weldrake

Sue Williams

Marion Lloyd Philips

Norman Carter

Gordon Sheppard

  Tony Day



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