April 1967 - Newly formed  - The Actonians -  present their first production...

Quiet Wedding - by Esther McCracken - Directed by Margaret Green

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The Play...


Programme cover - no pictures on record


No photographs are known of this first production.

Can anyone help..?

Miranda Bute

Florence Bute

Madame Mirelle


Mildred Royd

Mary Jarrow

Janet Royd

Arthur Royd

Dallas Chaytor

Denys Royd

John Royd

Flower Lisle

Marcia Brent

Jim Brent



Stage Manager




Wardrobe Mistress


Stage Crew



House Manager


Teresa Cook

Betty Driver

Joan Hawkins

Joyce Turner

Winfred Smith

Peggy Thomas

Olvreen Sheppard

Dennis King

Tony Day

Peter Durrans

Hedley Cullimore

Gillian Pitt

June Wyton

Anthony Waker



Gerald Green

Gordon Sheppard

Marjorie Turner

  Sue Williams

Nan Buckley

Freda Carter

Norman Carter

  Rodney Smith

  Roland Keedwell

Norman Carter

The Place - The Morning Room of the Royd's home in Throppington, on the day before the wedding

The Time - The late 1930s - Spring



To light this first production, spotlights and lighting panel were borrowed from the 'Court Players' of Rangeworthy, a group that still operates to this day.